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Code for 'The Art of Statistics'

The Art of Statistics: Code, Data, Errata and Additions

UK hardback: UK paperback: US hardback:

Here is the book’s UK Amazon page and US Amazon page

The UK and US hardback versions are identical in content. Errata and additions are listed below for all versions.

This file is produced by R Markdown, and there is also a web-page produced by Github.

Code repository

The repository contains data and R code for the Figures and Tables in Art of Statistics. They should all work in RStudio.

Suggestions for improvements to

Markdown output for individual Figures

Errata and additions - Paperback

Many apologies that errors are still there (sob).

Errata and additions - Hardbacks

(these should now all be corrected in the paperback)

The bootstrap analysis in Chapter 7 contained some errors which have been corrected in the version on Github, where the analysis is clarified by using only data on men reporting less than 50 partners. Corresponding edits to the text are shown below.